Women In Yoruba Religion by Oluwo Olatunji Muyiwa Somorin


This book analyzes the concept of WOMEN by examining the different "head ties" that adorn WOMEN, namely as mothers, wives, and as a spiritual entity called IYAMIS, ODU IFA, the Yoruba sacred scriptures, the total body of instruction of OLODUMARE (God in Yoruba belief) is the basis for all propositions and representations in this book. You will learn: -The power, understanding the significant and mysterious roles of women in Ifa - Orisa (Yoruba) tradition -That Women subjugation or domination by men is NOT only alien to Yoruba, but also has no basis in Yoruba religion -That the Yoruba places more emphasis on the state of perfectly or harmoniously aligned position with all creatures considering the micro and macro nature, state, and tendencies of everything all the time -The different rites of passages and their importance in Yoruba religion, especially Ifa initiation for both sexes in addition to learning Ifa text and learning and partaking in all Ifa rituals except seeing Odu for women -The distinct, mutually beneficial, and complimentary roles of an Iyanifa and a Babalawo -Some preparations to tap into the energies (ASE) of Iyamis are also mentioned Every reader will be inquire by the ancient wisdom from the Odu Ifa used. The English translations of the sacred texts are the nearest meaning in the author's opinion and may not necessarily be the best. This is a recipe to mend our broken world.

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