Hand of Ifa - Awo Ifa Kan

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Hand of Ifa - Awo Ifa Kan

What is Awo Ifa Kan / Isefa / Hand of Ifa?
ISEFA is the initiation of one hand of Ifa. This ritual is open to any and all people who wish to worship Orunmila / IFA.
Isefa is also known as ICOFA / Ikofa in the west.
This initiation does not make one a Babalawo or Iyanifa.
This initiation represents a covenant of protection for the initiate from death, sickness, loss, litigation, etc. This ritual is where the initiate receives the sacred Ikin Ifa of Orunmila, Ide Orunmila, and instructions on how to use the tools for one's advancement and to bring about balance to one's life.

Ifa a gbe wa o -- Ifa will support us. Ase O

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